Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. ~ Hippocrates

Thanks for joining me!

This blog was created to share ideas around food as medicine; alternative health, nutritional products, anything sourced or read that’s catering to allergies, intolerances, vegan, natural, chemical or hormone free, and recipes, good cookbooks and news, medical science articles on latest findings, into one place, and I’ll even share articles and like pages to share on the blog, to support positive lifestyle changes for health and well being, and by no means replaces any professional advice provided by a Dr Medical Health or Qualified Nutritional practitioner.

To transform yourself starts with awareness

You are what you eat;

and what you put in your body is your fuel, and this starts by working on cleaning up the inside, to visibly see the great health radiating on the outside.

Life is a journey, therefore you rarely go from feeling unwell to feeling Fantastic just because you woke up that morning.

It requires a lot more work and effort on clearing, cleaning, re-building, overcoming, changing and evolving day by day with what you think, do, act and eat.


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