Speak for yourself

We often speak through people rather than to the person. We lack the courage to say directly what we mean, we dance and skirt around issues, we say to one person what we hope will be passed onto another person and we don’t check up to check that the right message was heard. We rely on others to speak for the relationship we should be speaking for ourselves and we have regrets when it doesn’t work out the way we intended, when we never got to say to the person directly the words we wanted them to hear with the right intention and conviction, from the heart with the truth and honesty they deserve, from with love.

In my new world we take responsibility to talk to people directly, we tell them how we feel, and deliver our messages from the heart with courage, thought, caring and love and honesty, and we check in with them directly, we don’t assume they understand how we feel, what we’re thinking, we tell them, we ask them. We have honest and transparent conversations and we speak our truth from our heart, forever always, with love.


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